Woodford Ledge Removal

Client: Town of Woodford, VT
Project Span: 2021-2022


This $4M ledge removal project located on VT Route 9 in Woodford, VT
involves a significant amount of ledge removal in order to improve safety and sightlines for the travelling public. EIV began providing outreach well in advance of construction due to the unique nature of this project. In order to remove the ledge located on the northern part of the project, blasting operations were required on portions of the ledge directly adjacent to the roadway. Full traffic stops during the 2021 construction season were necessary for blasting operations. When travelling Route 9, there are no alternate routes available to motorists in order to bypass construction. Communication with commuters, the trucking industry, public transportation and EMS was essential.

EIV staff was responsible for communication with local municipalities and legislators, organizing and facilitating a public meeting in advance of blasting operations, and contacting all businesses along Route 9 between the towns of Bennington and Wilmington, VT. Alerts were sent out in advance of planne blasts, which typically occurred twice a week throughout the summer and fall months. This project will continue throughout the 2022 construction season.