EIV: Project Managers, Engineers, & Scientists

EIV Technical Services began in 1964 and is a certified DBE organization in Vermont, New York and New Hampshire. EIV has over 50 years of experience with resident engineering and construction inspection services within the transportation industry. Our team of engineers and scientists can also provide project management, landscape inspection, project outreach, environmental and civil engineering support services. EIV holds retainer contracts for these services with state and federal agencies, the utility industry, and local municipalities. Our headquarters office is located in Winooski, VT in a 5-story building constructed and designed by EIV management staff.

EIV Founded

Al Pidgeon left the Vermont Agency of Transportation to form Engineers Incorporated of Vermont, a civil design consulting firm. In 1965, Alan expanded the engineering firm into construction with the formation of Engineers Construction, Inc. (ECI). Both firms continued to operate as sister companies until 1984.


Pinkham Engineering Assoc. Aquires EIV

Pinkham Engineering Associates acquires ownership of “Engineers Incorporated of Vermont” (EIV) as a subsidiary to their engineering firm.


Mary O'Leary Joins Pinkham, Takes Over EIV

After several years gaining experience as a hydrologist and environmental consultant, Mary O’Leary went on to earn her Masters in Soil and Water Engineering from Cornell University in NY. Upon graduation, Mary relocated to Vermont and within a few months interviewed at Pinkham Engineering Associates for a Hydrogeologist position. Impressed by Mary’s leadership skills, business sense and technical ability, the owners of Pinkham Engineering Associates asked if she would be interested in running EIV with a view towards taking it over. After six months of employment, Mary purchased the business and renamed it ‘EIV Technical Services, LLC’.


Nathan & Jacqueline Dagesse Purchase EIV

Nathan and Jacqueline Dagesse, both graduates of Engineering, and Jacqueline with a Master’s degree in business, approached Mary O’Leary regarding leadership and business ownership opportunities at EIV. Impressed by their capabilities and passion, Mary offered full acquisition of EIV Technical Services, LLC to Jacqueline and Nathan in January 2011. They renamed the firm ‘EIV Technical Services’. Starting with a staff of just six full-time employees, they successfully ventured into new markets and steadily expanded the EIV team to more than 20 employees within the first year of ownership.


EIV opens Materials Testing Lab

Nathan and Jacqueline Dagesse, along with Materials Testing Laboratory Manager Jason Murphy, open a materials testing laboratory in Williston, VT. The lab became the first State certified materials testing laboratory. After three successful years of building market share with this new service, EIV sold their lab to S.W. Cole Engineering. EIV and S.W. Cole continue to collaborate on projects together to this day.


Airport Consulting Work

EIV kicks off airport consulting work, which included all airports within Vermont except for the Rutland airport, and will continue through 2020.


EIV Contracts with VELCO

EIV expands services to the utility industry by earning a retainer contract with VELCO. EIV is providing environmental consulting services during the construction and design phase of projects, as well as field coordinator and construction management services for marine, facility and substation projects. This work has included construction oversight services on the $80M submarine cable replacement project below Lake Champlain between Plattsburgh, NY and Grand Isle, VT.

EIV also kicked off resident engineering services on the Burlington Waterfront Greenway project. This work will continue through 2020.


City Lights Kickoff

EIV management staff kick off construction of a 27-unit, in-fill design residential building in Winooski, VT. As part of this project, the existing historical house was moved through downtown Winooski into Burlington, VT. The building opened in July 2017 after only 11 months of construction.


EIV New Corporate Headquarters

EIV moved their headquarters office from Williston to the 5th floor of the City Lights building in Winooski.


EIV Obtains a Project Outreach Contract with VTrans

VTrans offered a retainer contract for project outreach services for the first time, and through this evaluation process EIV’s proposal ranked #1. This included kicking off two international coordination projects in 2018. EIV also secured their first federal contract with the Green Mountain and White Mountain National Forest.


EIV continues to thrive post-Covid

EIV has continued to renew several retainer contracts with the State of Vermont, in addition to large municipalities, VELCO, and the Burlington International Airport. We have also continued overseeing several real estate development projects, including the completion of a 100-unit mixed-use development at Hood’s Crossing in Winooski.

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