Springfield Bridge Replacements

Client: Town of Springfield,  VT
Project Span: 2021-2022


Located along VT Route 11 between the towns of Chester and Springfield,
VT this $3.4M bridge replacement project includes the removal and replacement of two separate bridges located approximately .7 apart, each requiring dynamic outreach due to the unique nature of construction for each structure.

The impact to the communities located on either side of construction was varied and required differing methods of outreach. Springfield hospital, several businesses, and a shopping center are located near Bridge 60, and schools on either end of the project areas had transportation concerns keeping bus schedules running on time. Each project required one-way alternating traffic throughout construction, and communication with schools was essential to help ensure the impact on school bus and commuter schedules was minimized.

There were also two paving projects occurring along VT Route 106 and VT Route 10 in the vicinity of the bridge replacements, requiring door-to-door outreach with the large number of businesses located near the project area. Communication with these Springfield area businesses was essential to help alleviate any project-related issues in advance of construction.