Pittsford Route 7 Roadway Rebuild

Client: Town of Pittsford, VT
Project span: 2020-2022


This two-year $10.5M full-depth roadway reconstruction project is located
in the town of Pittsford, VT is Segment 1 of six segments of the Pittsford-Brandon corridor reconstruction to bring the roadway up to National Highway System Standards. This project consists of the full-depth reconstruction of approximately 1.36 miles of U.S. Route 7 including removal of the old concrete roadbed, realigning and widening the roadway, extensionof an existing truck climbing lane, and installation of three box culverts and many drainage features. EIV is providing construction inspection, office engineering, public outreach and environmental oversight services on this project.

Outreach efforts in the initial stages of the project required creative and dynamic solutions as traditional door-to-door methods were not tenable during the COVID-19 health crisis. EIV continues to be responsive to the needs of businesses and residents along the project area. Assuaging concerns during the most disruptive roadway operations has been paramount to the success of outreach and communication on this project.


EIVers occupy some of the core staffing needs for this project, handling responsibilities that encompass all aspects of this sizable project. Monitoring and documenting the job site for compliance with all environmental permits and plans, assuring that work is conducted according to specifications and safety standards, performing calculations for pay items, compiling and organizing inspector daily reports and other project documents, keeping track of certified quantities, and assisting with payroll verification are all key project responsibilities managed by EIV staff.