Oakledge Park Universally Accessible Playground

Client: City of Burlington, VT
Project Span: 2022-2023


The first of its kind in Vermont, the Oakledge Universally Accessible Playground will offer caregivers and their children full use of all areas, regardless of ability.
Some of the key components of this space will include raised play areas (for mobility challenges), structures that provide clear access for engagement (Autism, cognitive disabilities), a natural playscape with quiet green spaces
(for anxiety challenges, and physical, cognitive, and adaptive development), components for caregivers with disabilities (accessible bathrooms, water
fountains, seating, transportation, parking, and access to all play areas), and accessible exercise/rehabilitation equipment for adults.

EIV is providing construction inspection services, ensuring that all elements of this project are being constructed safely and effectively, and that construction items are installed to the proper specifications.