New Haven Operations Facility

Client: City of Burlington, VT
Project Span: 2018-2019


VELCO owns, operates and maintains Vermont’s high-voltage electric
transmission system. VELCO’s New Haven Operations Facility was designed and constructed to meet national and regional reliability standards and will serve as a backup operational facility that can function independently of the Pinnacle Ridge Facility in Rutland. The facility will have a backup control center for managing VELCO’s assets in the event that the primary facility is compromised. The New Haven location houses a secondary data center, an operator training facility, an emergency response center and a general conference center. The two-story, 18,000 sq. ft. operations building has been designed to resemble a barn and blend into the local landscape.

EIV staff provided environmental oversight during construction. Responsibilities included review of environmental submittals, identification and flagging of environmental resources, and ensuring adherence to all permit conditions throughout construction.