Hinesburg/Route 116 Intersection

Client: Town of Hinesburg, VT
Project span: 2020-2021


This intersection widening project is located at the intersection of Route 116, Shelburne Falls Road, and CVU Road in the town of Hinesburg, VT. Roadway improvements include widening on all approaches, guardrail replacement and ditching for drainage. Four existing culverts have been replaced with 8’x6′ box culverts under Route 116, Ballard’s Corner Road, Pleasant View Lane, and Shelburne Falls Road. Signals at the intersection will be improved and all signal equipment will be replaced. This project also includes multiple environmental permits to protect the stream that runs through each of the culverts.

EIV is providing public outreach for this heavily-used intersection located near a large high school. Dynamic and creative modes of communication during the early stages of this project were essential as the COVID-19 health crisis delayed and altered several aspects of the construction timeline. Meetings were held via video conferencing, communication with local town officials and assistance with messaging for various town social media outlets ensured that information was disseminated as quickly and as broadly as possible.

EIV is also providing chief inspection and environmental services for this project, ensuring that this project meets all construction specifications and environmental permitting standards.