Hartford I-91 CMGC Slide
Bridge Replacement

Client: Hartford, VT
Collaborators: VTrans
Project Span: 2014-2016


The Vermont Agency of Transportation contracted EIV to oversee Quality Management, Construction Inspection and Materials Testing for the Hartford I-91 bridge replacement project.

This project utilized the innovative construction method known as a lateral slide to replace the Interstate 91 Hartford Bridges for the first time in Vermont. The slide took place over two weekends, one for each bridge. Road closures on Interstate 91 were limited to these two weekends, minimizing impacts to the traveling public. The lateral slide process consisted of building two bridges to the side of the existing bridges and developing a specialized horizontal track system to slide the bridge into place during the road closure. This project also utilized an innovative procurement method, known as the Construction Manager, General Contractor (CMGC) method, for the first time in Vermont. EIV’s team of 5 worked closely with VTrans and the contractor, PCL, to successfully complete the project.