BETA Manufacturing Plant

Client: BETA Technologies
Project Span: 2021-2023


EIV is currently providing environmental oversight services for the construction of the new manufacturing plant for BETA Technologies located at the Burlington International Airport. The addition of this plant will help ensure that the innovative, electric aviation company remains a vibrant part of the region’s economy for the long-term. The construction of this 355,000-square-foot building on airport property will allow BETA to design, produce and assemble electric aircraft at the airport. The plant will be built in ways that minimize environmental impact, and it will be large enough to produce between 250 and 400 aircraft annually, allowing BETA to make flight greener, safer, and more accessible by helping the world in the transition to electric-powered aviation.

EIV is fulfilling the role of Erosion Prevention Sediment Control (EPSC) Specialist, ensuring the proper installation, maintenance and inspection of erosion prevention and sediment control measures.