Mount Holly Culvert Replacement & Slope Stabilization

Client: Mount Holly, VT
Project Span: 2018-2019


EIV managed landscape inspection and public relations for this $1.6M project located along a .1-mile portion of Route 155 in the town of Mount Holly. The work included roadway construction, a culvert replacement, and steep embankment stabilization. The work included the installation of over 30 tree trunks which were placed into the side of the slope for increased stabilization. The top of the 18″ to 24″ diameter trunk is placed into the slope with the majority of the root ball exposed. EIV’s arborist inspected the installation of over 600 native trees and shrubs in plant pockets along the slope. This is a first-time approach for a bioengineered slope stabilization, of this scale, in Vermont.

The remote location of this project and the nature of the embankment reconstruction required outreach to be both thorough and dynamic. Outreach services identified stakeholders directly affected by this project and disseminated effective, accurate and consistent information in regard to project progress. Extended outreach was accomplished through regular postings on social media which included photographs and time-lapse video in order to effectively communicate the scope and progress of this project to a more widespread audience.