Rockingham I-91 Design-Build Bridge Replacement

Client: Rockingham, VT
Project Span: 2017-2022


This $44.5M bridge replacement project is located in the town of Rockingham on I-91 just north of Exit 6. The project includes the complete removal and replacement of both bridge 24S and 24N which span the Williams River and the Green Mountain Railroad. The new bridges will be constructed of precast post tensioned girders sitting on top of cast in place concrete columns with an overall structure length of 860 feet and a height of 140 feet. The Northbound bridge is open and the Southbound bridge is scheduled to be open to traffic in the Fall of 2021.

EIV is providing quality assurance management, construction inspection and materials testing services throughout the duration of this project. EIV team members are responsible for surveying, plan review, ongoing assurance of safety compliance, and monitoring the jobsite for compliance with all environmental permits and plans.


“Jason W. works with the contractor’s quality control manager to come up with solutions that met quality expectations and also allows work to be accomplished in a timely manner. Jason leads the other project inspectors with all required project survey and inspection. Jason works diligently every day to ensure product quality and professional documentation. I look forward to working with Jason on the remainder of the Rockingham design-build project.” – VTrans Resident Engineer