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We provide services in the fields of construction management, hydrology, survey, biology,
environmental permitting, and civil engineering.


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Jacqueline Dagesse, MBA, CPESC, PMP
President, Director of Environmental Services

Ms. Dagesse is a certified project management professional with degrees in both business and engineering. At EIV she has developed a performance management system and strong client relationships to position EIV for long-term growth and sustainability. Her expertise in the development and implementation of creative finance solutions facilitates enterprise-level strategies and business initiatives.


In her technical work, she has focused on environmental engineering projects which have included hydrologic analysis, culvert design, erosion prevention and sediment control design and inspection, aquatic organism passage recommendations, stormwater BMP design, and wastewater system design. She is a Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control, and performs environmental compliance inspections on civil projects. She also provides project outreach services for transportation projects. Given her technical background and training in communication, she can translate technical jargon so that it is easy to understand by the public and she lends a sympathetic ear to project stakeholders.

Nathan Dagesse
Vice-President, Director of Development

Mr. Dagesse manages a team of highly skilled construction engineering professionals. In this role, his team provides project management, construction management and resident engineering services for state and municipal bridge, rail, roadway and greenway projects and for vertical building projects in the municipal and private markets. His team has extensive experience with some of the most complex projects in Vermont, including accelerated bridge construction, vertical infill development and marine work.


Mr. Dagesse is detail-oriented and has an excellent reputation for his demanding standards for quality assurance and project communication. He has taken the lead for his team on complex construction projects, emergency response construction, and contract claims analysis.

Jason Waysville
Vice-President, Director of Engineering

Mr. Waysville manages a group of design and support professionals for structural and civil engineering services. He is a senior transportation engineer with over 10 years of experience as a senior engineer on various types of transportation and civil projects involving bridge, highway, railroad, roundabout, and private land development. On these projects he has performed structural inspection, construction management, and design. Mr. Waysville works closely with his clients to develop creative and effective solutions designed to meet both the complexity of the project and the needs of the community.

EIV Tech Natalie Boyle
Natalie Boyle
Director of Communications

Ms. Boyle has experience providing public speaking and public relations on transportation projects. She has worked on various projects requiring outreach with several local governments within Vermont. She works with project stakeholders to address concerns, and on some projects, the work requires extensive interaction with the community. Ms. Boyle has experience coordinating weekly project meetings with VTrans staff, the contractor, local town officials and any events affected during each project, generating a project factsheet, coordinating with local media (upon request), and providing social media updates.

Sabin Clark
Associate Director of Engineering

Mr. Clark has over 10 years of experience in the construction industry and specializes in civil engineering infrastructure associated with transportation and utility projects. He has filled lead roles in quality assurance functions, contract compliance, and other resident engineering duties. He is a Professional Engineer in the State of Vermont, and is relied upon by our clients for complex and challenging projects.

Mr. Clark is also a Captain in the Vermont Army National Guard, commanding nearly 200 soldiers in a part-time capacity, showcasing his dedication to duty, leadership and management skills.

EIV Tech Scott Hance
Scott Hance
Associate Director of Environmental

Mr. Hance has accomplished over 20 years of experience within the landscaping and arborist field since earning his B.S. from SUNY ESF (Environmental Science and Forestry) with a specialization in Environmental Forest Biology. He has been a part of the EIV team since 2014 when he was brought on to act as a certified arborist and wetland scientist. Currently, Mr. Hance is involved in a number of VTrans projects representing the state as a certified arborist in addition to fulfilling a similar role on both municipal and private levels.


Utilizing his background in environmental and forestry, Mr. Hance takes the lead on natural resource assessments for permitting including wetland delineations, plant and animal identification, and identification of threatened and endangered species. Mr. Hance is also EIV’s lead environmental compliance inspector for utility projects throughout the State.

EIV Tech Katelyn Panaggio
Katelyn Panaggio
Real Estate Office Manager

Ms. Panaggio has been managing apartments for a number of years and also serves on the board of an apartment complex in South Burlington. She is now managing 50+ units with EIV. Ms. Panaggio spent five years working as an engineer with EIV as an inspector for VTrans and the City of Burlington on roadway projects before transitioning into real estate management. She continues to work with VTrans as a Public Information Consultant on a few of their roadway projects.

Jeff Gibson

Mr. Gibson brings over 22 years of experience in the finance field, both public and private. He has worked in various industries, including technology, manufacturing and non-profits. After graduating from Champlain College, he transitioned to data analysis and accounting. He brings strong Excel skills and analytics to EIV and looks forward to helping the company grow.

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